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Ray Gun

Ray Gun

All right... let me just start off by saying, the Ray Gun is the best gun in the game PERIOD. Not to bring too much opinion into this, because I started this wiki to balance popular opinion with pure fact; but you have to love the ray gun, and here's why...


The Ray Gun is a pistol like gun that shoots green rays and is widely loved because of it's astonishing damage (probably not the most of all wonder weapons, but very close), its impeccable pinpoint accuracy, its high capacity (20 rounds), and its literally INFINITE range!

The Ray Gun is so widely liked that a sound is made when obtained from the mystery box (probably to make the other players jealous). All the playable characters of all maps show their excitement when receiving it from the mystery box.

It holds 160 rounds in reserve, and is a one shot kill to about rounds 18-22. When upgraded it becomes the Porter's X2 Ray Gun, keeping part of its name. It hold 40 rounds now, has higher damage (not by much) and will stay at least a two shot kill to the torso through round 20-30. Honestly, the Ray Gun doesn't need to be upgraded too soon, because of its already extremely high damage (1000).

So in conclusion, if you get the Ray Gun from the mystery box, TAKE IT!!!!!!


  • The Ray Gun is avaliable in every map
  • It was the very first wonder weapon introduced to zombies
  • It can only be obtained through the mystery box (Except on Buried, though a Persistent Upgrade)
  • It has splash damage, which hurts the player
  • It is capable of making crawler zombies
  • When upgraded, it shoots red rays instead of the original green
  • The Ray Gun is the only Wonder Weapon to have a formal prodecessor, and not just a pack-a-punched version, This formal upgrade is the Ray Gun Mark II, and is only available in Black Ops II, and only if you have the Buried DLC.